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MyET-MyCT Free Download!

What's the secret to learning a foreign language? One-on-one speaking and listening practice make all the difference.Who can afford a private tutor though? Now there is MyET-MyCT, My English Tutor and My Chinese Tutor. MyET-MyCT is the best software for listening and speaking. Practice in a stress-free environment and get personalized correction for fast improvement. Practice often and correctly, and you can reach your English or Chinese goals in no time!


Please uninstall previous copies of MyET or MyCT before installing a new copy

Note: you need a microphone and speakers/headphones to use MyET-MyCT

- Operating System :
  Windows 2000/XP
- Internet Browser:
  Microsoft IE 6.0 or higher
- Computer Requirements:
  Pentium® III 400 MHz (Pentium® IV or higher)
512 MB RAM
350MB hard disk space
Sound Card
Graphics (1024x768)
- Internet Connection:
  ADSL or Broadband