• MyET-MyCT Free Download!

    What's the secret to learning a foreign language? One-on-one speaking and listening practice make all the difference.Who can afford a private tutor though? Now there is MyET-MyCT, My English Tutor and My Chinese Tutor. MyET-MyCT is the best software for listening and speaking. Practice in a stress-free environment and get personalized correction for fast improvement. Practice often and correctly, and you can reach your English or Chinese goals in no time!

  • - Operating System :
    - Internet Browser:
      Microsoft IE 8.0 or higher
    - Computer Requirements:
      Pentium® III 4.1 GHz (Pentium® IV or higher)
    512 MB RAM
    350MB hard disk space
    Sound Card
    Graphics (1024x768/1024x600)
    - Internet Connection:
      ADSL or Broadband

    • Please uninstall previous copies of MyET or MyCT before installing a new copy
    • Note: you need a microphone and speakers/headphones to use MyET-MyCT